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I hope you are enjoying services from AnimeVibe. It’s been running Ad-Free this whole time and of course you and me both like to keep it this way. Even though AnimeVibe is free for you guys, it is not free for me. Each month I pay for the server rent out of my own pocket & this site doesn’t generate any kind of income to compensate the server costs. Consider Donating, even if it’s a just a dollar, it is to keep AnimeVibe alive for as long as possible. As of now we have the option to Donate via Patreon.
Well, if you can’t donate under certain circumstances you can still support us, yes that’s correct, you can support AnimeVibe for free… How? It’s simple, you have to download anime. Each time you download an episode, each day, you are supporting the site, it’s a win-win for both of us 😀

Depending on how much you donate via Patreon/PayPal you get Rewards and Perks. We have 4 Tiers as of now.
With the following Rewards (Please send your username when you subscribe to Patreon/Send PayPal Transaction ID by sending Mail to : [email protected] | Know that, these Rewards are not 100% insured, meaning you may not receive it. Please know you are not paying for getting these perks, it is given to you since you are kind enough to donate to AnimeVibe. By Donating you are helping the site, not purchasing any of the below perks.

Bronze TierSeparate Discord Role
Silver TierAll of the Above Perks + Access to indexed movies (non-anime) (Ad-Free Streaming)
Gold TierAll of the Above Perks + Access to both TV Series (non-anime) & Movies (non-anime) (Ad-Free Streaming)
Diamond TierAll of the Above Perks + Priority Support + Index & add Animes of different language or subtitles if available (upon request).

Why Should you support AnimeVibe?

We don’t throw Advertisements on your face. No pop-ups nor banner ads.
You get to access to 6000+ Anime available on our site, both Subs & Dubs and obviously it’s completely free.
I am always answering questions, fixing problems and generally trying to fulfill as many requests as I can.
I am constantly adding new features, updating and working on the site for better user experience.
Servers aren’t free, so donate to keep the site alive.