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Val x Love
2019-10-05 to , TV
Score : 62.35

戦×恋(ヴァルラヴ), Val x Love, Val x Love

Status : Current
Age Rating : Teens 13 or older
Takuma Akutsu has a “unique” appearance that, unfortunately, leaves him feeling isolated and alone among his high school classmates who shun him. Enter the Valkyries sent by Odin himself! Once they descend into Takuma’s life, he discovers they aren’t scared of him one bit! In fact, they’re super keen to get to know him better. As the intimacy between the Valkyries and Takuma grows, so too do their powers. And that’s a good thing because they’re on orders to slay the vicious monsters intent on destroying the earth. How far will they go to deepen their connection, level up, and save the world… by any means necessary!?! (Source: Sentai Filmworks)
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