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Zoids Wild Zero
2018-07-07 to 2019-06-29, TV
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ゾイドワイルド, , Zoids Wild

Status : Finished
Age Rating : Children
The series follows Arashi and his Wild Liger. The main antagonists are the Death Metal Empire, lead by Gallagher. They use Zoids for conquest, and have at their command many Zoids and warriors, including the Four Heavenly Kings. Arashi longs to follow his father's footsteps become a Zoid Hunter, and find his ultimate Partner. At the beginning of his journey, he partners up wiht the Wild Liger and meets Bacon and Team Supreme, who tell him about the Great Ancient Treasure Z. For the sake of adventure, Arashi sets out to find this treasure, and forms Team Freedom along the way. (Source: Zoids Fandom)
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